December 3, 2015

Blakes Breakfast Speaking Event on Medical Devices

LifeSciences BC invited LightIntegra Technology, ARC Medical Devices and the University of Victoria’s Biomedical Device and Systems Laboratory for our Blakes Breakfast Speaking Event on Medical Devices. Guest Speakers were: Paul Geyer, CEO & Dr. Elizabeth Maurer, President & CTO Light Integra, Dr. Chris Springate, ARC Medical Devices and Dr. Nick  Dechev, Director, BioMedical Engineering Program, University of Victoria. Left to Right:  Dr. Nick Dechev, Paul Drohan, President & CEO LifeSciences BC, Dr. Elizabeth Maurer, Paul Geyer and Dr. Chris Springate For all who missed the breakfast event; we’ve included Dr. Nick Dechev’s fascinating medical device presentation that he shared with us.

November 5, 2015

Blakes Breakfast Speaking Event on BioPharma in Celebration of National Biotechnology Week

Left to right: Paul Drohan, President & CEO, LifeSciences BC, John Babcook, President & CSO, Kairos, Noma Biln, CEO, Augurex Life Sciences Corp. and Dr. Nick Glover, President & CEO ProNAi Therapeutics Inc.

November 2 – 3, 2015

National Biotechnology Week

LifeSciences BC Goes to the Capital forA Day At The BC Legislature

Left to Right: John Walmsley, VP Starfish Medical, Chris Wagner, President & CEO Contextual Genomics, Ali Ardakani, Founder & Managing Director, Novateur, James Hatton, Chairman, LifeSciences BC Board of Directors, Paul Drohan, President & CEO, LifeSciences BC. LifeSciences BC went to Victoria to lobby both Caucus and Opposition on behalf of the life science sector in British Columbia on November 2 & 3, 2015. During the two days in Victoria we met with the Hon. Amrik Virk, Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services, Hon. Andrew Wilkinson, Minister of Advanced Education, Neil Sweeney, Deputy Minister to the Premier, along with several Deputy Ministers and Assistant Deputy Ministers and Chiefs’ of Staff.

October 26, 2015

LifeSciences BC Breakfast Speaking Event Featuring the 2015 Canada Gairdner International Award Recipients Presented by: Genome BC

Gairdner Laureates, Dr. Michael Hall and Dr. Yoshinoro Ohsumi, presented at today’s LifeSciences BC Breakfast Speaking Series, to a room of attentive listeners as they explained the details of their scientific work that earned them the highly regarded, Gairdner International Award. The event hosted by Life Sciences BC and Genome BC, was both a view of the critical and compelling pathway of “Translating Basic Science” by Dr. Hall and Dr. Ohsumi’s review of “Looking Back on 27 Yars of Autophagy Studies“.

Left to Right: Doctors Michael Hall and Yoshinori Ohsumi after their morning presentations at the Terminal City Club in Vancouver.

Access to Innovation

October 14 – 15, 2015

Guest Speakers’ Presentations – October 14, 2015

Dr. Cedric Bisson, Partner, Teralys Capital

Biography: CEDRIC BISSON is partner at Teralys Capital, Canada’s largest technology fund of funds management organization, where he focuses on healthcare and life sciences investments. He has spent the past two decades across Canada, in Europe and the USA creating, building and advising innovative businesses, serving as founder and partner of iNovia Capital (a leading pan-Canadian VC firm), founder of MSBi Valorisation (now Aligo, seed technology transfer), and associate principal at McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm. Mr. Bisson obtained a M.D. degree from McGill University and a J.D. (law) degree from Universite de Montreal. To View Cedric’s Presentation Please Click Here

Dr. Robert McMaster, Executive Director, Vancouver Coastal Health Research

Biography: Dr. McMaster received a Bachelor and Master of Science from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and a D.Phil. from University of Oxford. He is actively involved with national and international granting agencies including; the World Health Organization, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, serving as Scientific Officer for the Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Peer Review Grant Committee and the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research and is former Chair, Research Advisory Council. He was appointed Vice President Research Vancouver Coastal Health, Executive Director, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute and Associate Dean of Research, Faculty of Medicine, U.B.C. in 2010. Currently, Dr. McMaster is Board Chair, BC Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (BCCRIN), member of Health Research Council of B.C., National Steering Committee for CIHR Strategies on Patient Oriented Research, Board of Directors of Transplant Research Foundation of BC and recently appointed as Vice Chair, Board for Research Canada. Top Three Key Points from Dr. McMaster’s Presentation

  1. The importance and tremendous impact clinical research has on BC’s economy and health care system.
  2. Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI) is one of the top funded research organizations in Canada. It is the research arm of VCH and a major health partner of UBC, BCCRIN etc.
  3. VCHRI is one of the key stakeholders involved with the Pacific Health Innovation eXchange (PHIX). PHIX will be a hub of global innovation. PHIX will enable researchers, clinicians, industry and the public to work together to accelerate the adoption of early-stage technologies and treatment options within the health care system.  Click Here to View Dr. McMaster’s Presentation
Dr. Helen Burt, Associate Vice President, Research University of British Columbia

Biography: Dr. Burt has been serving as the Associate Vice President Research & International in the Office of the Vice President Research & International at the University of British Columbia (U.B.C.) since 2011 and is also the Angiotech Professor of Drug Delivery in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC. She was born in Manchester, England and obtained her B. Pharm. (Hons) from the University of Bath and her Ph.D in Pharmaceutics from UBC. Her major research efforts involve the development of polymer-based drug delivery systems, in particular micro- and nanoparticulates, for controlled and localized drug delivery. Dr. Burt has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers and eight patents. She is also a founding scientist in the Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD), a member of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and has served on the Board of Directors of the Provincial Health Services Authority. Top Three Key Points from Dr. Burt’s Presentation

  1. Health research accounts for two-thirds of the total external research funding (greater than $500M/year) awarded to UBC researchers.
  2. There are over 1000 life sciences researchers across all Faculties and more than 65 departments at UBC.
  3. Every year, UBC receives around $35M in industry funding for health research and 16 new life sciences spin-off companies were created in the past 5 years.

Click Here to View Dr. Burt’s Presentation

Dr. Diane Finegood, President & CEO Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research

Biography: As President & CEO of the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, Diane draws on an exceptional record of academic and leadership experience to champion the growth of health research in British Columbia. Joining MSFHR in March 2011, her efforts have been instrumental in helping MSFHR secure new funding; strengthened relations with the health system; and brought stakeholders together to develop a provincial strategy for health research. From 2000 to 2008, Diane served as inaugural scientific director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes and served in a range of leadership positions which brought together government, NGOs and the private sector to address the growing health challenges of obesity and chronic disease. As a researcher, Diane has been recognized for her work in a wide range of areas including physiology, diabetes, obesity and complex adaptive systems. Top Three Key Points from Diane’s Presentation: MSFHR’s Scholar Program helped build BC’s world class health research enterprises Scholars:

  1. Leverage non-provincial dollars
  2. Create jobs and train the next generation of innovators
  3. Translate ideas into realities for improved health, social and economic benefit

To View Dr. Finegood’s Presentation Click Here

Dr. Torsten Nielsen, Professor and Clinical Scientist, University of British Columbia

Biography: Torsten Nielsen is a surgical pathologist, clinician-scientist and UBC professor, based at Vancouver General Hospital and the B.C. Cancer Agency. Originally from North Vancouver, he completed the McGill MD/PhD program, trained in the UK and USA, and secured a faculty position in Vancouver as an MSFHR Scholar in 2003. In breast cancer, he is well-known for his work to develop molecular tests that identify the major subtypes of breast cancer on standard hospital specimens, allowing characterization of their clinical features. Dr. Nielsen chairs the Breast Correlative Sciences committee for the NCIC-Clinical Trials Group, has leadership roles in international efforts to standardize cancer biomarkers, and maintains an active translational research program in sarcomas. He will speak on the development of the Prosigna assay for breast cancer risk stratification, a test which has been licensed to Seattle-based NanoString Technologies and which has received regulatory approval by the FDA, EU and Health Canada. Top Three Key Points from Dr. Nielsen’s Presentation:

  1. Clinical test development requires very careful science including multiple levels of validation, to prove clinical utility
  2. PAM50 test on NanoString (Prosigna) – developed as a Canada-US collaboation – works efficiently as an FDA- and Health Canada- cleared distributed test for breast cancer risk
  3. BC weak for funding and for timely reimbursement of new clinical tests; strong in personnel, technology & particularly clinical validity translational studies

To View Dr. Nielsen’s Presentation Please Click Here

Dr. Martin Dawes, Head Family Practice Medicine, University of British Columbia

Biography: Professor Dawes is Head of Family Practice Medicine at the University of British Columbia. He started his clinical practice as a family physician in Oxford, England, where he managed a practice of 1800 patients for 17 years. He provided full office practice, obstetrics, home-care, and in-hospital care. In 1992, following the completion of his PhD he helped develop a Master’s program in Evidence Based Health Care at the University of Oxford. He ran the UK Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in Oxford and was Professor and Head of Family Practice Medicine at McGill University before coming to the University of British Columbia in 2010. His research includes implementation of pharmacogenomics in primary care, and lifestyle interventions to prevent diabetes, while for pleasure he enjoys fishing and messing about on boats. Top Three Key Points from Dr. Dawes Presentation

  1. It is easy to obtain high quality saliva-based DNA samples from patients in primary care
  2. More than half the patients have an actionable result when tested for drugs used to manage diseases commonly managed in primary care
  3. Interpretation of pharmacogenetics information can be integrated into clinician workflow using prescribing decision support

To View Dr. Dawes Presentation Please Click Here

 Dr. Samuel Abraham, VP Research & Straategic Relationships, BC Cancer Agency

Biography: Dr. Abraham, VP Research and VP Strategic Relationships, BC Cancer Agency, works to enable high quality discovery research and to create linkages between the BC Cancer Agency (BCCA) and both the public and private sectors that will help the BCCA to achieve its mandate of cancer control for the province of British Columbia. Dr Abraham works closely with senior scientific, clinical and administrative staff to provide both scientific, business and policy expertise in supporting targeted, high-value research and determining patient-focused development strategies. He received his PhD in Genetics from the University of British Columbia. He joined Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals as a Senior Scientist in 1996, and later became Project Leader for the Transplant Program, as well as Division Leader for Cell and Molecular Biology. He has been with the BC Cancer Agency since 2000 and also serves as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Quest Pharma. To View Dr. Abraham’s Presentation Please Click Here

  Dr. Gavin Stuart, Vice-Provost Health, University of British Columbia

Biography: Dr. Gavin Stuart, is Vice-Provost Health at the University of British and most recently former Dean, Faculty of Medicine. He has just completed his second Decanal leadership. Gavin received his undergraduate medical and postgraduate training in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Western Ontario and then pursued a fellowship in Gynecologic Oncology at Wayne State University, Detroit. He became the first Director of Gynecology at the Tom Baker Centre in Calgary. After completing his term as Head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Calgary, he was appointed Professor and Head, Department of Oncology and Director, Tom Baker Cancer Centre. In 1999, he was appointed Vice-President, Alberta Cancer Board. Dr. Stuart was awarded the Presidential Medal Award from the Government of Canada and is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and an Honorary Alumnus of UBC Faculty of Medicine. To View Dr. Stuart’s Presentation Please Click Here

 Access to Innovation – Day 2

Guest Speakers’ Presentations – October 15, 2015

 Joyce Drohan, Healthcare Proctice Leader, PwC

Biography: Joyce Drohan is the Healthcare Practice Leader in BC for PwC based in Vancouver. Joyce has over 20 years of experience in end to end large-scale transformation in public and private sector in central government and private sector.  Joyce has held very senior roles in the UK government including Senior Advisor and Policy Director for Improvement and Efficiency at the Department of Health in England, UK. Joyce has led and designed the largest global transformation program in healthcare for the National Health Service (NHS) in England, which sought to save up to £20bn in efficiency savings while maintaining or improving quality.  Joyce has returned from the United Kingdom and is working with Canadian clients to develop strategy, deliver end to end transformation to improve bottom-line results; delivering change in complex, multi-stakeholder environments, and driving improvement at scale and pace. Joyce was a regular guest lecturer at the University of Westminster (London, England) on health policy. To View Joyce’s Presentation Please Click Here

 Dr. Heather Davidson, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health

Biography: Heather has worked for the B.C. government since 1991 in a series of progressively senior positions, mostly with the Ministry of Health. Currently, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Stakeholder Engagement, Research and Innovation Division, she has led many strategic initiatives on behalf of government such as pay-for-performance, clinical care management, physician quality assurance, and the seniors action plan.  She was an early advocate for evidence-based policy and decision making and has maintained strong linkages with the research community throughout her government career.  She is currently the Ministry’s executive lead for the SPOR Support Unit and the Academic Health Science Network. She holds a PhD in Psychology (Adult Development and Aging) from the University of Victoria. Prior to joining the provincial government, she worked as a gerontologist in a variety of clinical settings in Alberta and Ontario. Top Three Key Points from Dr. Davidson’s Presentation

  1. Innovation and more importantly uptake of innovation is critical to the sustainability of the health care system
  2. There are many players in the innovation ecosystem and BC is moving to strengthen alignment and efficiency through initiatives like SPOR and Academic Health Sciences Network
  3. The Ministry of Health is interested in working with industry in a new way and will be establishing a  working group to look at strategies that will improve province wide uptake of innovation where it is clinically and cost effective.

To View Dr. Davidson’s Presentation Please Click Here

John Helou, President, Pfizer Canada

Biography: John Helou is President of Pfizer Canada Inc. and General Manager of the Global Innovative Pharma Business for Canada. He is actively involved in several industry, business and community associations.  He is currently the Chair, Board of Directors, Canada’s Research-based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D). He is also serves as the Vice-Chair, Board of Directors of BIOTECanada, a Board Member of Montreal InVivo and the Advanced Coronary Treatment (ACT) Foundation. In addition, John is a member of the Council of Canadian Chief Executives and a member of the Deans Advisory Board and Campaign Cabinet at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Pharmacy. In 2014, John was inducted into the Canadian Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame. To View John’s Presentation Please Click Here

Mary Ackenhusen, President & CEO, Vancouver Coastal Health

Biography: President and Chief Executive Officer of Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), Mary Ackenhusen leads the largest academic and tertiary health authority in British Columbia, serving a population of 1 million with a budget of $3 billion. A member of the VCH Senior Executive Team since 2007, Mary fosters a patient-centered approach to care, innovation and the redesign of services to enhance quality and efficiency.  Mary’s passion is to transform the current public healthcare system that we cherish as Canadians to ensure its future financial sustainability in the face of growing demand coupled with an inability for governments to match this growth with funding increases.  Mary will accomplish this through the introduction of new service models that will provide better care at lower cost and with the extensive use of technology, analytics and electronic health records to improve the productivity of clinicians, new funding models to incent quality, and system redesign to reduce waste in the system.   Mary is a graduate of the Harvard Business School’s Master of Business Administration program and the West Virginia University’s Industrial Engineering masters and undergraduate programs.

To View Mary’s Presentation Please Click Here

 Dr. Thomas Ross, Professor, Sauder School of Business

Biography: Tom Ross is the UPS Foundation Professor of Regulation and Competition Policy and the Director of the Phelps Centre for the Study of Government and Business in the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia.  An economist, he did his undergraduate work at the University of Western Ontario and earned his doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania in 1981.  Professor Ross worked at the University of Chicago and Carleton University before moving to U.B.C. (in 1992) and spent a year as the first holder of the T.D. MacDonald Chair in Industrial Economics at the Competition Bureau in 1990-91. His research in the areas of competition policy, regulation, industrial organization, experimental economics and public-private partnerships has been published in a number of scholarly journals.  Professor Ross has served as a consultant to a number of public and private sector organizations. Top Three Key Points from Dr. Ross’s Presentation

  1. Canada, and BC in particular, has become one of the global leaders in the use of public-private partnerships to leverage the talents of the private sector to help deliver public services in a more cost-effective way.   A “Canadian model” of P3s has emerged that is being studied by many other jurisdictions.
  2. P3s, properly designed, can take advantage of the greater efficiency and innovativeness of private enterprises (for profit and not-for-profit), driven by competition, to find new and better ways to provide services in health care, transportation, education, correctional services and many other areas.
  3. In the life sciences – an area with great scope and need for innovation – P3s have the potential to deliver substantial public benefits.  They may do this, in part, by being truly disruptive and changing the way many services are delivered to the public.

To View Dr. Ross’s Presentation Please Click Here

Douglas Porter, Chief Economist, BMO

Biography: Douglas Porter has over 25 years of experience analyzing global economies and financial markets. As Chief Economist at BMO Financial Group, he oversees the firm’s macroeconomic and financial market forecasts. He is a member of C.D. Howe’s Monetary Policy Council and serves on the Investment Management Committees of the Bank of Montreal’s Pension Fund Society and Western’s Endowment Fund. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the Toronto Financial Services Alliance. To View Douglas’s Presentation Please Click Here

Carole Madeley, Director, Respiratory Health, Ontario Lung Association

Biography: Carole Madeley is the Director of Respiratory Health Programs, for the Ontario Lung Association: she is responsible for the delivery of several respiratory health programs offered across the province of Ontario as well as marketing, media initiatives and program finances. Carole participates on several provincial advisory committees and supports research and has collaborated on several publications. Prior to her work with OLA, she worked as the team leader in a respiratory rehabilitation program, a program which she planned and implemented, and worked for 26 years in acute care.  Her past experiences also include teaching, facilitating and home care. To View Carole’s Presentation Please Click Here

Michael Fergusson, CEO & Founder, Ayogo Health

Biography: Michael has raced giraffes, terraformed a planet, and hunted vampires, and that was just this morning! He learned to touch type by hunting sharks, and has travelled the entire Oregon Trail without getting scurvy. He also believes that playing is one of the most meaningful and productive things we can do. Michael is the CEO and Founder of Ayogo, a company that has been acknowledged as one of the ‘100 most innovative mHealth companies in the world’ for their use of game psychology and social networks to help patients take control of their treatments. For this work, Michael was Ernst & Young’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year, and was recently named to the PharmaVOICE 100, a peer-nominated list of the 100 most inspiring people in Life Sciences. Michael has been a multi-gold medalist and grand champion at the Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships. He lives in Vancouver.

  1. Merck, the Childhood Obesity Foundation and Ayogo found alignment with two BC priorities related to patient engagement: patient-centred care; and health promotion that nudges behavioural change to achieve meaningful impact on health care system use.
  2. Engagement is not about efficiency, it’s about emotional involvement, which Ayogo creates through gamification, social support and behaviour change.
  3. Engaging patients in an “always on” mobile-enabled world requires innovation that is risky. Early adopters in the healthcare system are needed to introduce innovation, and Ayogo’s partners’ will help the technology Empower to “cross the chasm” and be adopted within the system.

To View Michael’s Presentation Please Click Here _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Personalized Medicine Summit Round Table Discussion

June 7, 2015, UBC

  Objective: To explore how collaborations between, academia, institutions, industry, government and patients have led to improved patient care and patient outcomes in NHS England and the USA’s P4 Medicine Institute models. Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Malcolm Grant, Chairman of NHS England
  • Dr. Leroy Hood, Founder & Chair, P4 Medicine


Left to right: Dr. Paul Terry, Dr. Howard Feldman, Heather Davidson, Dr. Brad Popovich, Dr. Robert Sindelar, Dr. Malcolm Grant, Dr. Bruce McManus, Dr. Pieter Cullis, Dr. Leroy Hood, Dr. Simon Pimstone, Dr. Alan Rabinawitz, Dr. Robert McMaster, Dr. Diane Finegood, Kevin Harrington, Paul Drohan

The discussion was lead by Dr.’s Grant and Hood to engage in a conversation about collaborative healthcare models in Canada, the United States and England. June 4, 2015 LifeSciences BC Spotlight Speaking Series on M & A MCLogo-newsmall Left to Right: David Frost, Partner, McCarthy Tetrault, Paul Brennen, Senior VP, Business Development, Tekmira, Bill Adams, Former CFO, AnorMED and Paul Drohan, President & CEO LifeSciences BC. The June 4th McCarthy Tetrault Spotlight Speaking Event shared the professional merger and acquisition experience of Paul Brennen, Senior VP, Business Development and Bill Adams, former CFO, AnorMED. Their personal stories of how intense and highly confidential the M & A experience was for both of them was shared to an attentive group of LSBC members and non-member

May 14, 2015

LifeSciences BC Blakes Breakfast Speaking Event on Medical Devices

Left to right: Dr. Andre Marzieli, Founder, CSO, Boreal Genomics Inc., Paul Drohan, President & CEO, LifeSciences BC, Bill Adams, CFO, Response BioMedical Corp. Andre Marziali, Founder and CSO of Boreal Genomics Inc., and Bill Adams, CFO of Response Biomedical Corp., were our speakers May 14th at the  Blakes Breakfast Speaking Event on Medical Devices. Dr. Marziali received his B.A.Sc. in Engineering Physics from UBC in 1989, and his PhD in Physics from Stanford University in 1994. He subsequently worked for several years with Dr. Ron Davis, in the Stanford DNA Sequencing Technology Center, developing instruments for DNA sequencing and sample purification.  He returned to Canada in 1998, as an assistant professor at University of British Columbia in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, where he formed the Applied Biophysics Laboratory. Shortly after his return to Canada, Dr. Marziali formed the GenomeBC Technology Development Platform, which he continues to lead as Co-Director. In 2005 he was appointed Director of the Engineering Physics program at UBC, a position he continues to hold in parallel with research and commercialization activities. In 2004, Dr. Marziali co-invented the concept of using synchronous mobility perturbations to create divergent velocity fields for selectively focusing nucleic acids. Mr. Adams has over 20 years of strategic financial management experience in both public and private companies. He is the Chief Financial Officer of Response Biomedical Corp. and is a key member of the management team.  This team is successfully restructuring the company to return to significant sales growth in international markets and has recently entered into a significant R&D and supply collaboration agreement with a China based company. From 1996 to 2006, Mr. Adams was the Chief Financial Officer of the TSX and NASDAQ listed bio-pharmaceutical company AnorMED Inc. from its start up, to IPO and through to its successful sale to a U.S.-based international bio-pharmaceutical company.

April 2, 2015

LifeSciences BC McCarthy Spotlight Speaking Series: Corporations – Private vs. Public

Left to Right: Dr. Alan Eaves, President & CEO STEMCELL Technologies; Paul Drohan, President & CEO LifeSciences BC; Dr. Simon Pimstone, Founder, President & CEO Xenon Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Allen Eaves, President & CEO, STEMCELL Technologies Inc., and  Dr. Simon Pimstone, Founder, Director, President & CEO,  Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc. were our guest speakers at the April 2nd McCarthy Spotlight Speaking Event and panel discussion on the decision making behind, Corporations: Private vs. Public The panel discussion evolved around the decision making between going public or staying private. For Dr. Alan Eaves his decision was based on the determination to keep STEMCELL’s trajectory of growth private, while consciously avoiding the requirement to report back to investors, every quarter, on the company’s performance metrics. He wanted to stay the planned course and focus on what he was good at – expanding the picks and shovels and where they wanted to grow as a life science company. As a public company he felt the growth course could change direction to satisfy the investors – something he wanted to avoid. For Dr. Simon Pimstone, the decision to go public allowed Xenon Pharmaceuticals to pursue a greater capacity for deeper clinical research. The public decision provided a financial foundation that was vital to his company’s development and growth. Clinical trials where his key drivers and that is expensive; investors were paramount to moving forward for Xenon. The public investment helped to build programs at the right stage while supporting a healthy balance sheet. Dr. Pimstone believes working with a Board of Directors is healthy for growth and keeps the momentum moving forward annually.

March 5, 2015

Life Sciences BC Blakes Breakfast Speaking Event – BioPharma

Left to right: Dr. Richard Liggins, Co-founder of Zucara Theraputics and   Head, Pre-Formulation & Analytical at CDRD; Michael Martin, Chief Operating Officer, Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Karimah Es Sabar, President and CEO The Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD). On March 5, 2015 – LifeSciences BC Blakes Breakfast Speaking Event was pleased to present a panel of experts to speak on BioPharma.  Karimah Es Sabar, President & CEO of The Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD), Michael Martin, COO of Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Dr. Richard Liggins, Co-Founder of Zucara Theraputics were our guest speakers for Blakes Breakfast Speaking Event on BioPharma. All three spoke to the great efforts Canadian therapeutic research and collaboration is having in the treatment of diseases such as lupus nephritis and hypoglycemia.

January 8, 2015

LifeSciences BC Blakes Breakfast Speaking Event – Digital Health


Left to right: Chris Wagner, President and CEO of Contextual Genomics, Michelle Munson, President, CEO & co-founder of Aspera, an IBM company, Paul V. Drohan, LifeSciences BC President & CEO

LifeSciences BC was pleased to announce Michelle Munson, President, CEO and co-founder of Aspera, an IBM company, as the keynote speaker for our January 8 Blakes Breakfast Speaking Event on Digital Health. Before the keynote presentation, Chris Wagner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Contextual Genomics gave a company overview of their development of a suite of genomics-based cancer tests to improve cancer prevention, treatment and monitoring.