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 Phoenix Molecular Designs



220-887 Great Northern Way

Discovery Parks

Vancouver, BC

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Phone: 604-674-1796

Member Sector: Biopharmaceuticals

Dr. Sandra Dunn, an internationally recognized and published cancer researcher, founded Phoenix Molecular Designs in 2012 to develop safer therapies for cancer patients, through advanced diagnostics, personalized medicine and intelligent therapeutics.

Our scientists have over two decades of world-class oncology research experience and their vision is to deliver precision medicine based on the genetic composition of a person’s tumor, creating better solutions for cancer treatments and improving the lives of patients. Our work is focused on developing cancer therapies by inhibiting kinases, a class of enzymes that have proven to be the most tractable drug targets in oncology. We are currently working towards finding an effective therapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer – one of the largest unmet medical needs in the industry.

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