Susan Ogilvie, Senior Manager, Communications & External Affairs
Susan has been a communications professional for the last 18 years, both as a long-term employee and as a consultant. Her recent career experience includes: Provincial Press Secretary for the Green Party of B.C., Project Manager with Castlemain Group, Canada Safeway, Manager, Public Affairs, Media Attaché for the City of Sochi during the 2010 Winter Olympics, and with the BC Pharmacy Association as Director, Communications. For more career information please visit Susan’s LinkedIn page here.
Contact Susan at: 604-669-9909 ext. 6  

Ryan Butt, Senior Manager, Events & Outreach
Ryan joined LifeSciences BC in May 2017 and is responsible for all event management and outreach to our life science community in BC. He brings over 16 years of event planning experience with a focus on high quality and innovative events. Previously, Ryan has managed events for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, SOS Children’s Village BC, Canadian Cancer Society and the House of Commons. For more biographical information, please visit Ryan’s LinkedIn page here.
Contact Ryan at: 604-669-9909 ext. 4

Vicki Salter, Manager, Membership & Sponsorship
Vicki is a certified teacher having taught both high school and post-secondary for 10 years followed by 15 years of private and non-profit experience specializing in hospitality, tourism, senior living, cultural arts and sport management. She joined LifeSciences BC in November 2018 with a strong background in business development, marketing, community relations and event management. Vicki is responsible for membership and sponsorship with a mandate to engage and promote all sectors of the health sciences community in British Columbia. For more biographical information, please visit Vicki’s LinkedIn page here.
Contact Vicki at: 604-669-9909 ext. 3

Peter McLoughlin, Associate, Events & Marketing
Peter joined LifeSciences BC in April 2018 and is responsible for marketing, events and logistics, along with managing the Membership Benefits Program. He brings a diverse range of global marketing experience having graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in Business and Marketing from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland, he has worked for organizations such as the Irish NGO, Trocaire, and the New Zealand Earthquake Commission. For more biographical information, please visit Peter’s LinkedIn page here.
Contact Peter at: 604-669-9909 ext. 7
Irma Zukic, Manager, Operations
Contact Irma at: 604-669-9909 ext. 1