B. Medical Logistics Ltd. Becomes the Strategic Partner of WAT Med in Israel

On August 20th, 2018, Benny, CEO of B. Medical, visited WAT Med. Both parties held an in-depth discussion of the cooperation details concerning the strategic layout of Israeli market and the brand building.

Benny and WAT Med met during MEDICA 2017, a medical expo held in Germany. Benny said he was attracted by WAT Med’s booth heading: “anti-migraine”. At the sight of this product, he believed that it would have a huge market. “In Israel, more than one third of people suffer from migraine”. “Every year, about 32 billion dollars are spent on the headache-curing drugs”. Designed to provide an affordable and low-cost device to cure migraine to reduce the drug use, HeadaTerm has greatly reduced the therapy cost and side-effect. Benny started to investigate and survey the Israeli market once the expo ended. Meanwhile, he and members of WAT Med drilled down into the issues about market promotion and channel building for HeadaTerm and EmeTerm.

During the meeting, the parties had a very agreeable discussion. According to Benny, the registration of these two products is proceeding very smoothly in the Israeli Health Ministry. It is expected that HeadaTerm and EmeTerm will officially enter the Israeli market in about one month after the registration process ends. In addition, HMO is the largest medical insurance organization in Israel. Any Israeli citizen who wants to buy medical products must become a member of HMO. Benny has now established a cooperative relationship with Israel’s HMO, so HeadaTerm and EmeTerm will soon be accessible to consumers in all of Israel.

 WAT Med welcomes partners from around the world to visit, cooperate, and exchange ideas and business strategies. For members of WAT Med and Benny of B. Medical, August 20th was a meaningful day, one that establishes a partnership to provide save and effective medical treatments to the Israel users. “This is the happiest and most unforgettable day I have ever had”, said Benny. WAT Med continues to devote itself to providing innovative products and services for the field of global and individual medical devices, as well as competitive medical products for its partners worldwide. 

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