June 29, 2020 – Vancouver, B.C. –  A huge thank you to BC’s life sciences community for the ongoing support in our collective efforts to conquer Covid-19 and restart economies.   On so many levels and within so many programs and initiatives…leadership, innovation, and commitment continue to inspire and impact.  As LSBC transitions to new activities, our Call to Action has been revised below for those who would like to connect with us directly, however going forward we encourage you to reach out to the following programs:

Finally, for a host of Covid-19 related information, please visit LSBC’s Covid-19 Resources Page.

Donations were made by many including the following:

  • Xenon Pharmaceuticals
  • adMare Bioinnovations
  • Zymeworks Inc.
  • Chinook Therapeutics
  • Vancouver Prostate Centre
  • Centre for Brain Health UBC
  • UBC Sauder School of Business Alumni
  • Genevant
  • AJS Life Science Consulting Inc.
  • Evonik Canada Inc
  • SISCAPA Assay Technologies (Uvic)
  • Aurora & Anandia
  • bioLytical
  • Terramera
  • SafeCare BC
  • UBC Life Sciences Institute Labs
  • UBC ICORD Labs
  • SFU MBB Labs
  • CK Life Sciences (Hong Kong)

Revised Call-to-Action

As COVID-19 places a strain on urgent patient care and therapeutic treatments, a critical need has developed for medical supplies and services that are indispensable on the front line. To address this crucial need, LifeSciences BC has taken on a leadership role of identifying, collecting, creating, and sharing information to enable dispensing of vital patient care treatment without interruption.

Our program is divided into five workstreams:

  • PPE, Supplies, Equipment
  • People & Services
  • Laboratories
  • Clinical Trials
  • Manufacturing

If you have offers and/or needs in any of the above areas, we encourage you to contact us and participate in the program.

We can be reached via:

In addition, we encourage you to visit sites setup by our provincial and federal governments if you are interested and able to assist in the provision of medical supplies and/or services:

BC Supply Hub

Canada Covid-19 Buy & Sell

Further, in partnership with Clinical Trials BC we are also supporting clinical trial linking and COVID-19 infrastructure capacity building activities. If you are an individual or team requiring staff or services or can provide them to support COVID-19 clinical trials based in the hospital or community setting in BC, please complete please the respective submission form below.

It is our community’s commitment to create supply chains that are fluid with up-to-date inventory of medical source materials and services that can be provided rapidly to our healthcare system, thereby providing solutions to managing any shortages during the COVID 19 outbreak.  Thank you for your participation and contribution.

Finally, please circulate this notice as widely as possible; this will serve to better identify, coordinate, and manage the collection and distribution of critical resources in this time of COVID 19.

For more information please contact:


LifeSciences BC Contact:

William Burrows, Operations

Email: Cell: 604-379-2428 

Clinical Trials BC Contact:

Dan Enjo, Communications Lead, BC Academic Health Science Network

Email: Phone: 236-521-2072