Discovery Parks is pleased to announce the winners of the Generator Challenge 7.0 Competition

Generator Challenge 7.0 Winners

Discovery Parks is pleased to announce the winners of the Generator Challenge 7.0 Competition

The Generator Challenge awards premium, turn-key workspace for 12 months to early-stage technology companies that demonstrate a high likelihood of success. The Generator program is based on the concept that free-flowing ideas, minimal barriers and a belief in serendipity accelerate the growth and success of technology companies.

This is a joint project of Discovery Parks and the City of Vancouver. The companies are evaluated and selected by a committee of representatives from the British Columbia Technology Association (BC Tech), LifeSciences BC, Vancouver Economic Commission and Discovery Parks Realty Corp.

7 companies will move into the Generator on June 1, 2017. 2017-18 will be the seventh year of operation for the Generator.  With access to mentors and programming provided by BC Tech and LifeSciences BC, the companies will also have support available to thrive and grow.

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Aida Software Corp. is bringing machine intelligence to customer support. We reduce response and handle time for 10-30% of the common questions clogging customer support queues. Aida understands questions posed in natural language and automatically answers with the appropriate reply.

Anaconda Systems Ltd. offers sustainable commercial solutions for organic waste management for commercial and municipal entities. Anaconda Systems minimizes the distance traveled by organic waste collectors through a distributed network of facilities. This in turn increases transportation efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Each facility is equipped with low-impact, in-vessel organic waste processing technology designed for urban deployment.

AVA Technologies Inc. is an agricultural technology startup trying to help people eat better while doing better for the planet. They are doing this with AVA Byte, a smart machine and pod system that gives anyone, anywhere, the year-round solution to grow fresh and gourmet ingredients with minimum effort.

Elevated Signals Inc. develops technology for cannabis producers who need to keep cultivation operations running effectively from day one while ensuring the ongoing health of their crops at all times. Through intuitive, cannabis-specific production software along with wireless, in-canopy sensors, our system helps producers make data-driven crop decisions, streamlines grow team workflow, and monitors facilities to ensure conditions are optimal for each strain.

Hydrogen in Motion Inc. (H2M) has developed a nanomaterial that attracts and adsorbs hydrogen in ambient temperature and under low pressure. This material will significantly decrease the cost of storing and transporting hydrogen. To upscale the nanomaterial to full sized tanks for commercial application, H2M has formed a consortium with 2 universities, a fuel cell maker and a large aerospace company to develop our storage material into a hydrogen storage system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) application.  In conjunction with the UAV Consortium project, H2M will be developing innovative hydrogen storage solutions for stationary and motive applications particularly hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as well as buses, marine, material transport, and stationary storage. The H2M storage technology will help usher in a decarbonized economy using clean renewable energy.

Orello Hearing Technologies Inc. is a socially-driven technology company whose mission is to make hearing healthcare more accessible and affordable for people all over the world. Orello offers the only hearing aid that users can custom fit to their own ear and tune to their specific frequency loss without having to see a specialist.

Slick Spaces Technologies Inc. is a Vancouver based cloud property automation system that provides automated secure guest access to vacation rentals.  Integrating with popular booking management software, Slickspaces, provides property managers with a simple solution to eliminate key exchange with guests, provide 24/7 check-in, save 20-30% on energy bills and get notifications for guest check-in and out.