Doctors of BC 2020 Awards: Honouring BC’s outstanding doctors

Each year, we acknowledge the outstanding contributions to the profession, to patients, and to the health care system itself by doctors across the province with our Doctors of BC Awards. Last year, BC doctors continued to innovate, collaborate, and adapt in unprecedented ways. From developing the patient centered COVID-19 Support App and Self-Assessment tool within BC and then across the country, to ensuring climate change is incorporated into UBC’s medical curriculum, to advocating for women’s health and mental well-being, this year’s winners have exceeded in creating positive, long-lasting change for the health and safety of British Columbians. They have shown their unwavering commitment to improve our healthcare system despite an on-going pandemic and, in the face of challenges and obstacles, have shown dedication, courage, and resiliency under extraordinary pressure. 

Doctors of BC is proud to congratulate the winners of our 2020 Awards and to honour their impressive and deserving work. Click here to view the Doctors of BC 2020 Awards Booklet.