Exciting new developments at Farmer’s Hive. New educational features and interesting plant research projects happening.

For example, a BC college project is to find a practical method for calculating the total thermal resistance of a greenhouse. Algorithms are acquired to assess heat gain from sunlight radiation and existing thermal storage capacity. A fuel converter application used to estimate costs and emissions related to various greenhouse heating systems. The outcomes of this study will help the school integrate energy data into their existing microclimate assessment package and provide people with a complete range of parameters of their growing facilities, with focus on energy information for year-round greenhouse operation. In the variable climate of Canada, heat regulation is an important component of indoor farming.

As the COVID-19 pandemic threatens food supply chains, there have been already concerns raised in relation to widespread shortages and price increases. Northern BC communities are feeling a bigger impact of the current crises. The research addresses the cost-benefit aspects of year-round indoor food production and food security for the benefit of many local businesses and the communities they serve.

There is strong growth with some awesome new customers, if you like to see what they are saying we have a new testimonial film here

Our team delivers the latest in sensor technology using Internet Of Things to remotely communicate your agricultural environment in real-time.

Detailed metrics recorded every few minutes reveal information never seen before for the purpose of analysis & predictions. The design has wireless connectivity linking multiple users directly to the cloud, interpreting changes in climate while identifying water usage, yield gaps & environmental patterns to organically prevent disease.

Farmer’s Hive is cost effective smartphone access to smart farming.

The application exposes metrics never seen before in real-time while recording a digital template of past seasons for the purpose of analysis and predictions. The design is wireless and connects directly to the cloud, recording metrics every few minutes interpreting changes in climate while identifying water usage, yield gaps & environmental patterns to organically prevent disease.

We build quality, robust hardware and software to streamline various activities to you. Including environmental data such as ; Air temperature, humidity, soil moisture, soil temperature, atmospheric pressure and various other sensor technology.

Our devices do not require any third parties, special installation or technical mindset to operate. Simply receive the package, connect to power and allow Farmer’s Hive to do the work.

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