LGTmedical Announces White-Label mHealth App-Devices for OEMs

December 08, 2014 – LionsGate Technologies Inc. (LGTmedical)

Cost-effective, software-defined app-devices turn smartphones and tablets into sophisticated vital signs monitors.

WASHINGTON, DC – December 8, 2014 – Today at the mHealth Summit, LionsGate Technologies, Inc. (LGTmedical) announced their software-defined app-devices will be available as white-label products for leading medical device manufacturers and healthcare service providers. This will enable their OEM customers to bring low-cost mobile health (mHealth) products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

“The mHealth sector faces significant challenges producing meaningful, low-cost, cross-platform solutions for the healthcare market. With our unique audio-based connectivity platform called Kenek Core™, we have developed software-defined app-devices that drive medical sensors,” said Tom Walker, President and CEO of LGTmedical. “Our universal interface enables standard medical sensors to easily connect to mobile devices through the audio port. This means the sensor is driven entirely by the app in the smartphone or tablet. Because there are no batteries, processors, or wireless configuration required, these app-devices can be used anywhere by anyone.”

“This novel, audio-based interface also dramatically lowers the cost of vital signs monitoring so accurate medical devices can be sold to healthcare professionals and consumers for a fraction of the price of current devices,” added Walker. “Manufacturers will discover that our connectivity platform will enable them to cost-effectively incorporate into their products the most innovative and powerful sensor technology available today.”

A pulse oximeter application is currently available for integration; a blood pressure monitor and a thermometer are targeted for release in Q2 2015. The app-devices are compatible with select iOS and Android mobile devices.

“Developing clinically validated software-defined medical devices requires a team of clinical experts, software engineers, hardware engineers, regulatory agents and researchers. Our team has completed years of intensive R&D, as evidenced by our audio-based interface, which positions OEMs to immediately profit from our investment,” explained Loki Jörgenson, CTO of LGTmedical.

mHealth Summit 2014

Go to booth 930 where LGTmedical will be demonstrating a suite of connected mHealth app-devices and pick up a copy of LGTmedical’s latest technology white paper, Software-Defined Medical Devices. LGTmedical online press kit for mHealth Summit 2014: http://www.virtualpressoffice.com/kit/uv2o Global mHealth Forum LGTmedical’s CMO Dr. Mark Ansermino and CTO Loki Jörgenson are speaking at the Global mHealth Forum session “Connected Health and Lessons from the Field: Pushing the Envelope – Innovative Approaches in Global mHealth” on Thursday, December 11th at 10:45am – 12:15pm, Room Maryland 6.

About LionsGate Technologies, Inc. (LGTmedical)

LGTmedical has leveraged the synergies of award-winning interdisciplinary research, global foundations, and business expertise to establish the innovative core technologies, infrastructure, and partnerships and become a leading mHealth company. LGTmedical is focused on product and channel development to achieve the most scalable and clinically impactful mobile health solutions. The company is ISO 13485:2003 certified.


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