Meet the Praxis SCI Incubate 2020 Cohort

Praxis Spinal Cord Institute is pleased to announce these five transformative technologies following a worldwide call for innovations.

Carefully selected by an expert panel of spinal cord injury (SCI) consumers, researchers, and commercial leaders, these five early stage innovations address care- and cure-related treatments for people with SCI and have the potential to transform healthcare outcomes for the broader community.

Praxis Spinal Cord Institute’s SCI Incubate program is made possible through support from the Government of Canada through Western Economic Development, and Genome British Columbia.

Praxis SCI Incubate 2020 Cohort:

AXONIS Therapeutics, Inc.

“Using breakthrough research to end paralysis”

AXONIS Therapeutics, Inc. is a Boston-based biotechnology company committed to developing groundbreaking therapies for spinal cord injury, neuropathic pain, and other incurable neurological disorders. Through tissue reactivation and neuron regeneration, AXONIS is focused on restoring movement in paralyzed patients after spinal cord injury to make a real difference for patients, their families, and the global healthcare system.

Elevation Products

“Novel wheelchair accessories and assistive technology products”

Elevation Products sells a selection of wheelchair accessories and assistive technology developed at Dr. Borisoff’s applied research lab. Elevation Products is owned by Instinct Mobility Inc., the company Dr. Borisoff founded to commercialize his Elevation Wheelchair invention 15 years ago. Instinct Mobility Inc. is incorporated under the laws of British Columbia.

Purus Innovations

“A one-step application antifouling, antimicrobial coating”

Purus Innovations provides highly efficacious coating solutions to prevent the buildup of fouling components on the surface of materials used in medical and industrial applications. Their one-step application process allows for the highly stable coatings to easily be applied to a wide range of surfaces and materials, resulting in a surface with broad-spectrum antifouling and antimicrobial activities and the maintenance of a clean surface for extended periods of time. Given the customizable nature of the coating technologies, the technology is easily adaptable to fit customers’ needs.


“Building the scaffolding of life”

Spiderwort is building the framework for the future of regenerative medicine through the development of innovative plant-based biomaterials that promote the repair and regeneration of living tissues, including the spinal cord. Their CelluBridge™ proprietary technology promotes the repair and regeneration of the spinal cord and is the future of regenerative medicine, addressing an unmet medical need by helping patients overcome the devastating consequences of spinal cord injury.

Starling Medical

“Now UrinControl of your bladder”

Starling Medical is developing an AI-enabled, connected urinary prosthesis for individuals with neurogenic bladder dysfunction. The UrinControl System allows people to use the bathroom quickly and safely at the push of a button, replacing the hundreds of monthly intermittent catheters with just a single device. With the Starling Medical app, users can track their bladder pressures throughout the day to make informed decisions about when to use the bathroom, and are notified if they are developing signs of an infection based on changes in their baseline urethral microbiome.

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PLEASE NOTE: Praxis is also accepting applications for SCI Accelerate 2021. We are looking for post-prototype companies creating care/cure solutions that benefit people with SCI. Applications close December 10. 

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