Microdermics Inc. Seeks to Commercialize Microneedle Drug Delivery & BioSensing Technology

Seeking strategic M&A or technology out-licensing opportunities
Intradermal Platform provides easy access to skin for both biosensing and therapeutic or
cosmetic drug delivery
● Completed in vivo studies to validate the effectiveness and reliability of drug delivery and
biosensing platforms
● Novateur Ventures Inc retained to support Microdermics to commercialize their
microneedle drug delivery & biosensing technology

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, June 17, 2020 – Microdermics, a medical device company commercializing a novel microneedle delivery and biosensing platform, seeks strategic M&A or technology out-licensing opportunities with Pharma, cosmetic, and Biotech companies for its microneedle platforms. Novateur Ventures, an established global life sciences advisory company, have entered into an agreement to provide strategic advisory support and to lead the transaction process.

Microdermics has developed a patented, commercially scalable, low-cost, customizable, metal, intradermal microneedle platform that provides easy access to skin for both biosensing and drug delivery. Microdermics have completed in-vivo proof of concept studies to validate the effectiveness and reliability of drug delivery and biosensing platforms, including proof of concept biosensing studies for analytes such as glucose, potassium, sodium, lactate and creatinine.

The global biosensor market expected to be worth $36 Billion by 2027, growing at 7.9% (Grand Review Research), and the electronic drug delivery market expected to be worth $14.5 Billion by 2027, growing at 8.5% per year (P&T Community Research).

Microdermics’ microneedle biosensing technology has been developed for real-time healthcare monitoring and diagnosis, reducing the need for blood sampling and analysis. Manufacturing of Microdermics’ drug delivery platform is highly scalable and can be used to efficiently deliver vaccines and other drugs, as these microneedles work with any liquid injectable or analyte target to eliminate needle-phobia thereby increasing patient compliance, and increase accuracy.

“Intradermal drug delivery is a potential solution to many of the challenges faced by new and existing medicines and will allow pharma companies to unlock the potential of the skin for their current and planned drug products,” said Dr. Boris Stoeber, PhD, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Microdermics. “We are confident Novateur Ventures’ expertise and proven track record will help us find the right partner to advance our microneedle drug delivery & micro-sensing technology.”

Today, most of the approved analyte sensors and injectable drugs are injected into subcutaneous and intramuscular layers, which can be more painful, costly, require skilled application, higher doses and less accurate. Microdermics’ needles are novel, hollow, metallic microneedles, which offer all the benefits of intradermal drug delivery in a simple design:

“Microdermics minimally invasive biosensing technology is one of the best available technologies to enable access to the skin for accurate and continuous monitoring of patient’s multi-analyte levels in real time and is agnostic to the type of monitor being used. We believe that our wearable technology could provide valuable opportunity to continuously monitor patients in real time with chronic conditions such as diabetes and kidney disease”, said Ali Ardakani, Founder and Managing Director of Novateur Ventures.”

About Microdermics
Microdermics is a Vancouver based medical device company focused on commercializing a new hollow microneedle delivery platform for breakthrough applications in biosensing and drug delivery. Microdermics’ platform aims to revolutionize sensing and drug delivery using our minimally invasive patented technology by providing precise and easy access to the skin.

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About Novateur Ventures
Novateur is an established global life sciences advisory with extensive experience related to business development and product development of therapeutics, medical devices and digital health products.

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