New Scientific Study Finds Stevia Sweeteners Have No Impact on Digestive System Bacteria

Chicago, Illinois March 4, 2019 – PureCircle, in collaboration with Biopharmaceutical Research Inc. (BRI), announces the results of important new scientific research which found that the company’s new generation stevia leaf sweeteners such as Reb D and Reb M have no impact on the system of bacteria in the human digestive system; that bacteria system is referred to by scientists as the “gut microbiome.”

This study is important, as the proper functioning of the gut microbiome is essential to our health. These bacteria – trillions of microorganisms in each of us – help with a number of key functions such as digestion and maintaining a healthy immune system.

The in vitro metabolism study conducted by BRI studied the distribution of gut bacteria in adults (male and female) and children, both with and without the presence of stevia leaf ingredients over a period of 72 hours.

The study found the human gut bacteria observed in men, women and children remained comparable in the presence and absence of these stevia ingredients over the 72 hour metabolic incubation period.

These findings are significant to understanding how people of various ages and demographics metabolize stevia leaf ingredients, and further extends stevia science and safety research. This new human gut microbiome study data is being submitted for publication in a peer reviewed scientific journal.

Stevia is continuing to see increased adoption by the food and beverage companies. Stevia leaf sweeteners help these companies increase their offerings of zero- and low-calorie products without sacrificing taste. PureCircle offers a range of new generation stevia leaf sweeteners, including Reb M and D, which taste great and work well across multiple categories.

PureCircle USA, Inc. funded this research, and supplied the steviol glycoside ingredients tested in the study. These ingredients were mainly Reb M and Reb D, some of the best-tasting sweeteners from the stevia plant.

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