Northview LifeSciences Invests in Elevate Farms

Februrary 18, 2021 – Northview LifeSciences is pleased to announce the closure of our $1 million investment into Elevate Farms Inc. as part of their $6.2 million financing. Concurrent with this financing, our Managing Director Doug Janzen will be joining the Elevate board. Northview is proud to add Elevate Farms to our portfolio, making it our second ag-tech company alongside Terramera.

Elevate Farms has developed proprietary high efficiency farming technology to produce high yield crops with reduced space requirements during plant growth. With an increased product yield from optimized vertical agriculture, each plant grown will have
reduced water and land needs compared to traditional crop production.

We at Northview LifeSciences are excited to see the worldwide impact Elevate will have with regards to food availability in urban and rural areas. With the prospective Yukon and Northern Territories agreement with North Star Agriculture Corp, leafy vegetables
will become available to northern communities in need of fresh produce and may pave the way to eradicate the produce disparity between large hubs and remote towns.

These are exciting steps in efficient food production!