Onestep Laboratories received a China patent CN107449902, potential to monitor Chlorine in dialysis for kidney failure

Onestep Laboratories, a biotech company that specializes in developing and producing raw material for immunoassay and other assays, received a China patent CN107449902, potentially for chlorine monitoring in dialysis for kidney failure. The company is developing a method for chlorine monitoring in dialysis. The current DPD method has many drawbacks. For example, the color produced by DPD can be bleached out by exceeded chlorine in dialysis water and DPD is not dissolved if the temperature is low. The method developed by Onestep Laboratories Inc. will be more specific and reliable.

The company will also be exhibiting at the 2019 American Association for Clinical Chemistry meeting in Anaheim, CA on August 6-8.

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Onestep Laboratories Inc. is dedicated to producing quality, single component QuickBlu® TMB substrate for ELISA testing. QuickBlu® single component TMB substrates have been proven to possess excellent sensitivity and lot-to-lot consistency. QuickBlu® TMB substrates are remarkably stable for up to 4 years at 2 – 8°C. The solution can be concentrated up to 10 times for easy transportation and has been patented in the United States.

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