Phoenix Molecular Designs Nominated for Small Business BC 2016 Innovation of the Year Award

The 2016 Small Business BC (SSBC) Best Innovation Award recognizes a business that develops advanced or innovative technologies to meet the needs of industry in B.C. Phoenix Molecular Designs (PhoenixMD) has proven to be a business that contributes to making a strong yet rapidly growing innovative economy in B.C.. PhoenixMD’s vision is to deliver precision medicine based on the genetic composition of a person’s tumor, creating better solutions for cancer treatment and improving the lives of patients. Their work centers on researching and developing patented RSK inhibitors for the treatment of cancer. They have so far discovered RSK as the best target for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), the most aggressive form of breast cancer for which there are currently no targeted therapies for. PhoenixMD has developed a revolutionary new way to treat breast cancer by blocking RSK with a highly selective, potent drug. PhoenixMD is creating a positive impact within the Canada’s growing bio-economy while contributing to local communities within B.C.
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Luisa D’Amato, Research Technician
Phoenix Molecular Designs
Designing precise cancer therapeutics

Email: Luisa DAmato luisa.d’

Phone:(604) 232-4600 ext 137