Prompt Health App Announcement

March 18. 2021 – Prompt Health, the online health and wellness marketplace, is pleased to announce the release of its iOS and Android app. You can now easily access the network and its perks from the palm of your hand.

How many times have you been in a situation where you were looking for a certain health and wellness service for yourself or your family, but you weren’t sure where to start from and found yourself randomly searching on the internet or asking people around you? 

The days of blindly searching for the right care is over. Prompt Health is the home for all your individualized health and wellness needs. It allows clients and providers to be connected to benefit from Smart Referrals. 

“We live in this modern era where we have choices for the things that matter. You get to choose important things like your potential partner and career based on your preferences. Now, it’s possible to have choices in your health and wellness. Prompt Health allows you to start your search for a professional with your need or goal, location – whether your preference is in person or online – and narrow your matches further by gender, language, age speciality, price, and more,” explained Hedieh Safiyari, CEO of Prompt Health. 

Prompt Health is making it easier for everyone across Canada to reach the care they need in health and wellness, how and where they want it, with a few clicks right on their phone. 

Be sure to follow Prompt Health on their social media sites to stay updated. The network is growing every day, and you can expect to find more options overtime. 

Download the App today! Find it by searching “PromptHealth” on iOS or Android devices.