Rick Hansen Institute Funding Opportunity Announcement

February 11, 2014 – Rick Hansen Institute

Request for Applications

In order to meet the objectives described in its Business Plan for 2013 to 2018, RHI is launching two new funding opportunities. These funding opportunities are targeted towards specific areas that will help RHI move closer towards achieving its vision of a world without paralysis after SCI. To this end, RHI is accepting applications for funding requests pertaining to projects related to Emerging Interventions & Innovative Technologies and Preclinical SCI Research Towards Cures.

More information on these two funding opportunities can be found in their respective program guidelines:

• Emerging Interventions & Innovative Technologies (.pdf)
• Preclinical SCI Research Towards Cures (.pdf)

Other Important Documents

Please refer to the following documents when completing a Request for Application

• Scoring Matrix for Proposals (.pdf)
• Conflict of Interest Policy (.pdf)
• Conflict of Interest Statement for Individuals Requesting and/or Receiving Funding and Individuals Reviewing Funding Requests (.docx)
• Funding Application Budget Template – EIIT & PSRTC (.xlsx)

Application Submission

All applications must be submitted in PDF format via email to:
Rick Hansen Institute
Attn: (Specify which funding opportunity you are applying to in the subject line of the email)
Email: funding@rickhanseninstitute.org
Applications to this RHI funding opportunity are due on April 30, 2014 by 11:59pm Pacific Time. Applications submitted after this time will not be accepted.

Key Dates

Funding opportunity announcement February 11, 2014

Application deadline April 30, 2014

Application review process May – June, 2014

Notice of funding July, 2014

First disbursement of funds September, 2014

Any significant changes to the anticipated timeline will be communicated to applicants.

If you have any questions about either of these opportunities please contact one of the following:

Phalgun Joshi, PhD
Managing Director, Program Operations & Support
t: 604-827-1673
e: pjoshi@rickhanseninstitute.org

John Barclay, MBA
Manager, Commercialization & Industry Relations
t: 604-827-1676
e: jbarclay@rickhanseninstitute.org

Additional Information
• Supporting Promising Research: Roadmap for RHI’s Cure Program (.pdf)
• Providing Equitable Care for Canadians with SCI: Roadmap for RHI’s Care Program (.pdf)