Rostrum Medical® Announces Issuance of Multiple Patents in China

July 21, 2015 – Rostrum Medical Innovations Inc.

Vancouver, BC Canada – July 21, 2015 – Rostrum Medical Innovation Inc. is pleased to announce that patents were issued by the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office.

The granted claims are directed to the core technology of the VQm® system, covering the apparatus and method for monitoring the integration of heart and lung functions. The patent is part of Rostrum Medical’s broad intellectual property portfolio which includes patents issued and pending in Canada, USA, European Union, Australia, Hong Kong, India and Brazil.

“We are very pleased with the issuance of this patent in China for VQm,” said Awni Ayoubi, P.Eng., the Company’s president. “These patents provide intellectual property protection for the VQm® system in a tremendous growth market of which we intend to capitalize on. The issuance of this patent broadens our existing international patent portfolio for VQm and also confirms the Chinese State Intellectual
Property Office’s recognition that VQm represents new and innovative medical devices.”

The VQm® system non-invasively measures breathing gases of mechanically-ventilated adult patients to display Respiratory Enthalpy loss. The VQm® System offers real time, point of care assessment of effective alveolar ventilation.

About Rostrum Medical®
Rostrum is a privately held corporation, registered under the laws of Canada. Rostrum commenced its operation in January 2009, with a focus on providing medical practitioners with new and useful solutions to everyday challenges experienced in the healthcare industry. A team of leading clinicians, combined with our engineering and business expertise, allows Rostrum Medical® to deliver leading edge solutions to problematic uncertainties in modern day practice.

Rostrum’s VQm® System is a new device for direct measurement of thermal and hygrometric changes in patients breathing gases during the respiratory cycle to assess ventilation/perfusion efficiencies (V/Q matching) in real time and to track volumetric O2 consumption in intubated and ventilated patients.

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