SOHO Biotech Inc. to Release Histamine Elisa Kits for Testing Fish Poisoning

April 21, 2015 – SOHO Biotech Inc.

SOHO Biotech, a biotech company which specializes in developing and producing immunodiagnostic food safety tests, has successfully developed a Histamine ELISA kit for fish poisoning testing and is ready to release the product.

Histamine fish poisoning is among the most common fish ingestion toxicities, constituting about 40% of all seafood-related food-borne illnesses reported to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The bacteria in inadequately preserved and improperly refrigerated fish convert histidine in the fish’s tissues to histamine. The limit of histamine varies between different countries’ regulatory bodies, but the FDA has set a limit of 50mg/kg (ppm) in all domestic and imported fish. Therefore, a quantitative measurement of histamine is a requirement in fish manufacturing.

The company will also be attending the 2015 Food Safety Summit in Baltimore, Maryland on April 29th.

About SOHO Biotech Inc.

SOHO Biotech Inc. is a Canada-based biotech company, which specializes in the development and production of immunodiagnostic tests for food safety. Founded in 2013, SOHO Biotech Inc. combines years of research with technologies developed by the University of British Columbia to produce its various products. In particular, SOHO Biotech Inc. is dedicated to producing quality ELISA tests. Advantages of ELISAs are numerous and include high specificity and sensitivity. At SOHO Biotech Inc., we produce a wide variety of test kits for different food toxins, GMOs, and allergens. For more information, please visit our website