Sonic Healthcare and Contextual Genomics Broaden Access to Leading Edge Cancer Genomic Testing

VANCOUVER, Canada & MACQUARIE PARK, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Contextual Genomics Inc. (“Contextual”), developers of molecular-based cancer tests, and Sonic Healthcare Limited (“Sonic”) (SHL.AX), a global leader in medical diagnostic services, announced they have signed an agreement enabling Sonic to provide quality-assured Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based genetic testing to cancer patients in Australia and other parts of the world.

Under the terms of the distribution, license and services agreement, Sonic will offer Find-ItTM, a molecular test for solid tumor cancers, at its laboratories to patients diagnosed with cancer. The Find-ItTM hotspot assay screens for known gene mutations found in solid tumor cancers, most of which are treatable with current therapies or Phase 3 investigational treatments. The Find-ItTM assay helps to identify optimal therapeutic treatments for patients, recognize acquired drug-resistant mutations, as well as determine prognostic and diagnostic implications for patient care. Under the agreement, Sonic will have access to Contextual’s proprietary bioinformatics molecular analysis technology and quality control systems (QA Nexus™ suite) and Contextual will have access to Sonic’s federated structure of medically-led practices.

Dr. David Huntsman, Contextual Genomics’ Chief Medical Officer said, “Knowledge gained from molecular analysis allows patients and their oncologists to make informed, timely treatment decisions. There are a growing number of new mutation-targeted cancer treatments only accessible through DNA-based testing, which has not been widely available. Sonic’s global presence will broaden access to quality DNA-based diagnostics. This timely access to DNA diagnostics can lead to better outcomes for patients diagnosed with cancer.”

“We are pleased to expand our services to include quality DNA-based diagnostics to serve our physicians and their patients. What attracted Sonic to Contextual was our shared view on quality and how this should be deployed in cancer genomics. We believe this approach will change the way cancer is managed”, stated Dr. Graeme Suthers, Director of Genetics for Sonic Healthcare.

The Find-It™ cancer panel is a multiplex, next-generation sequencing genomic assay designed for rapid deployment into labs around the world. Find-It™ evaluates the mutation status of tumor DNA at more than 100 well-characterized positions, identifying the somatic mutations that have the greatest potential to impact treatment decisions. QA Nexus™ is a quality control system embedded into all Find-It™ assays and into Contextual’s bioinformatic pipeline.

About Sonic Healthcare:

Sonic Healthcare ( is an international medical diagnostics company, offering extensive laboratory medicine/pathology and radiology services to the medical community. With 31,000 employees around the world, Sonic Healthcare is recognized for quality and service excellence, innovative technology, commitment to staff and continuing financial strength. Sonic Healthcare is represented in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland and the USA. The global head office of Sonic Healthcare is in Sydney, Australia.

About Contextual Genomics:

Contextual Genomics ( has developed cost-effective and clinically actionable molecular tests that guide diagnosis and treatment of cancer. These customized tests are offered by our partner laboratories around the world with Contextual conducting bioinformatics services via a SaaS model. The collection of data via this robust network of partners and the use of machine-learning tools allows Contextual Genomics to improve patient care through improved clinical trial enrollment and new treatment algorithms.

Contextual is managed by global leaders in cancer research and bioinformatics, who have unparalleled expertise in cancer genomics and the clonal evolution of cancer.

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Director of Genetics
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