Strategic partnership between Wax-it Histology Services Inc. and CNBE INRS

The clients will be able to use the expertise of each organisation to strengthen their
drug development pipeline

Vancouver, British-Columbia and Laval, Québec, Canada. – 11th April, 2018. Wax-it Histology Services Inc. and CNBE (INRS) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership in the area of contractual research in laboratory animal experimentation and histology analysis services
by joining their respective expertise. The new strike force allows us to provide the following expanded and integrated menu of services making the sponsor’s experiment a more complete study that can be customized to customer needs: screening toxicology (target organ toxicity identification, maximum tolerated dose, dose-range finding), screening pharmacokinetic and biomarker identification, proof-of-concept studies with numerous animal models and high quality histology services (histopathology, special staining, immunochemistry, immunofluorescence, resin histology, implantable medical device histology, antibody cross-reactivity, imaging and data analysis).

Wax-it Histology Services Inc., a GLP-compliant histopathology laboratory with over 24 years of experience, is committed to providing consistent, high-quality histology services with quick turnaround times to the international scientific research community. Whether it is a pilot project requiring custom protocol development or a large-scale multi-timepoint drug efficacy study, each project is individually customized and undergoes the strictest of quality control measures before being presented back to you, our valuable client.

CNBE, a state-of-art laboratory animal facility fully accredited by the Canadian council on animal care (CCAC) and AAALAC International, has expertise with many animal species from rodents to non-human primates including farm animals since 1995. CNBE has developed many
animal models in different therapeutic areas (e.g. oncology, immunology, liver injury, endotoxemia), may develop models according to your concrete needs and offers non-GLP exploratory studies in toxicology, pharmacokinetic and biomarker discovery areas.

Thanks to this agreement, the clients will be able to use the expertise of each organisation to strengthen their drug development pipeline.

About Wax-it Histology services
WAX-IT is a privately held GLP-compliant contract research organization based on Vancouver, B.C., Canada that is committed to providing high-quality histological services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities, hospitals, and government organizations. Our professional staff is experienced and capable in both GLP- and non-GLP-compliant studies. At Wax-it, we understand our clients’ demand for excellence in turn-around times and quality. Our objective is to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

CNBE, located on the INRS Research University campus in Laval, Québec, Canada, offers high standard preclinical research services to the scientific community and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Certified by the CCAC (Good Animal Practice®) and AAALAC
International, it provides state-of-the-art housing for laboratory animals at various levels of biological confinement as well as an array of services required by R&D projects and drug development. At CNBE, we do not sell services, we offer solutions.

Aruna Somasiri 
President and CEO Director
Wax-it Histology Services Inc. 
Vancouver, BC Canada
Mario C Filion
Laval, Qc, Canada