23rd Annual Life Sciences BC Awards

The 23rd Annual Life Sciences BC Awards presented by FARRIS is an opportunity to celebrate the life science sector’s many achievements amongst peers, family and friends. As Canada’s fastest-growing life sciences sector, our British Columbia ecosystem has never been stronger seeing unprecedented momentum in scientific discovery, innovation, and attraction of capital and talent. In addition, […]

Quantum-Inspired Drug Development

This event will aim to address the following questions: Looking at key innovation breakthroughs over the past year; how has the industry had to adapt and embrace new technologies in light of worldwide events? How can Fujitsu’s quantum inspired technology support accelerating resolutions to some of the challenges in the industry? Where can quantum deliver […]

Blakes Breakfast Speaking Series

Theme: Radiopharmaceuticals A new class of drugs is emerging to expand the spectrum of treatments for cancer, called radiopharmaceuticals, which deliver radiation directly and specifically to cancer cells.  These drugs contain radioactive isotopes and can be used as both diagnostic and therapeutic agents. Targeting radiation therapy at the cellular level has the potential to reduce […]

From Discovery to Market: The Role of IP Strategy in Drug Development

Drug development in Canada is a long and complex process, and the market is competitive. At the heart of drug development is intellectual property (IP). Life sciences companies who develop an IP strategy at the outset of a new project have a competitive advantage by creating value, generating revenue, and obtaining market intelligence. Without a […]

Invest in BC presented by Lumira Ventures

Invest in BC presented by Lumira Ventures is our opportunity to bring together stakeholders in the healthcare innovation ecosystem. Entrepreneurs tell their stories and get feedback and engagement from a wide range of investor stakeholders. Investor participants range from angel investors, venture capital, corporate venture, and foundations. In addition, tech transfer offices, innovation councils, and […]