Junior Laboratory Scientist / Post-doctoral Fellow

Fusion Genomics Corp.

Fusion Genomics is seeking a junior laboratory scientist / Post-doctoral fellow to join its interdisciplinary team of laboratory chemists, next-generation sequencing specialists and data scientists.

The successful candidate must have extensive knowledge and working experience in next generation
sequencing enzyme chemistries, liquid-phase hybridization capture and CAS enzyme systems. The
candidate should also have demonstratable experience in multiple library construction assays such as
RNAseq, FFPE RNAseq, and low sample input RNAseq. Experience with DNAseq, FFPE DNAseq, nextera, single cell sequencing, bisulfite sequencing, Hi-C, or other library construction techniques will be considered an asset.

Candidate with prior experiences in developing and validating a clinical NGS assay, medium and high
throughput liquid handling robots & automation and working in a diagnostic clinical microbiology or
molecular lab, will be given preference.

• Perform large scale high throughput sequencing experiments using liquid handling robotics with
minimal guidance
• Perform target capture enrichment experiments using liquid phase hybridization and enzyme
guided chemistry
• Design and execute complex experiments interfacing synthetic biology and high-through put
• Desire to learn and work with robotic systems
• Required to present data & results (as part of a meaningful presentation)
• The successful candidate should possess exceptional interpersonal and communication skills,
should be very reliable, dedicated and easy to work with.

• PhD in biological sciences or a related discipline as relevant to a DNA sequencing company.
• A proven record in NGS technologies during graduate studies or in the last 2 years.

This position comes with a competitive package. Fusion Genomics is an equal opportunity employer. To
apply, send a resume and short cover email to jobs@fusiongenomics.com
Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Fusion Genomics, based in Burnaby BC, aims to take “undiagnosed infection” out of medical vocabulary
through advanced genomic technologies. Fusion is applying novel DNA/RNA capture and informatics
technologies to overcome the limitations of current infectious-disease diagnostic tests, with the aim of
preventing unnecessary deaths from infectious disease and halting the growing problem of drug