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Member Sector: Biopharmaceuticals

AbCellera is a Canadian biotechnology company focused on accelerating the discovery of monoclonal antibody (mAbs) therapeutics.

Antibodies are molecules that are naturally produced by the immune system of humans or animals to fight off infection and disease. The unique property of antibodies is that they can specifically recognize and target diseased cells or pathogens, making them precise and highly effective drugs with low side effects for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune disorders and infections.

The immune system is capable of making billions to trillions of unique antibodies, each produced by a single immune cell. Of these, only a select few are suitable for therapeutic applications. Finding these rare antibodies presents a major roadblock in the development of new therapeutics. AbCellera addresses this bottleneck by using microfluidic technology for the rapid and high-throughput analysis of antibodies from single cells. This approach harnesses the natural power of immunity to accelerate the development of antibody therapies.