Applied Biological Materials Inc.



#1-3671 Viking Way

Richmond, BC V6V 2J5

Phone: (604) 247-2416


Member Sector: Medical Technology

Founded in 2005, Applied Biological Materials (abm) is driven by a vision to commercialize every molecule of human and key animal species – including general, cellular and genetic materials comprising PCR and cloning enzymes, transfection reagents, laboratory chemicals, and more. Our genetic materials encompass every DNA, RNA, siRNA, miRNA, viral vectors, and protein expression vectors for a total of over 700,000 products. Our cellular products total over 300,000 primary cells, immortalized and stable cell lines, and antibodies for every human gene. In addition, we have established proprietary technological processes to develop over 260 premium quality IHC monoclonal antibodies for precision diagnostics. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, our diagnostic collection has further expanded to include reliable and affordable RT-qPCR testing and sample collection kits to support the on-going battle against COVID-19. We are the “Costco” version of biological materials, supporting your projects big or small, all the while staying under budget.