Arazy Group Consultants Inc.



#200-1333 Johnston St., Granville Island,  1781 West 75th Ave

Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9

Phone: (604) 681-6888


Member Sector: Medical Devices

Arazy Group Consultants are the inventors of global Medtech registration technology, providing market access services to over 140 countries.

With the launch of LICENSALE® – Global Medtech Registration System in 2013, Arazy Group took the lead on the provision of advanced registration and license management technology solutions, designed specifically for the medical and IVD device industry.

Staying true to its company mission to make the best medical devices and medical practice available to patient and physicians around the world, LICENSALE® delivered thousands of new products registrations, amendments, renewals, and transfers of licenses over the past seven years.

Leveraging on their experience and the latest advancement in software, database management, machine learning and A.I., Arazy Group developed the next generation in Medtech registration and license management software- LICENSALE® 2.0, REGISLATE® and the EUDAMEDtech© system