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Member Sector: International Pharmaceutical Corporations

Through our participation in medical and pharmaceutical research, both in Canada and worldwide, we have contributed to significant improvements in healthcare and developed innovative and costeffective medicines. We have earned a reputation as a leader in the treatment of respiratory diseases, in particular Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and have broadened the scope of our work to include diseases such as hypertension, stroke, arthritis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), Parkinson’s disease and HIV/AIDS.

We are constantly seeking new and better ways to treat people and animals. In the space of just two years, we have introduced several new products and have a number of new compounds in the pipeline. We have participated in joint ventures with other top multinational pharmaceutical companies – ventures that have improved quality of life for many thousands of Canadians and have perhaps saved the lives of thousands more. Our Vetmedica Division is an accomplished leader in veterinary medicine, offering innovative solutions in biologicals and specialty pharmaceuticals for beef and dairy cattle, swine, companion animals and horses.

While our German parent company stands among the world’s 20 largest human pharmaceutical research and development businesses, it has remained a family held company for over a century. As our ownership has remained unchanged, so have our guiding principles. Since our founding, we have practiced excellence, innovation and value in the discovery of medicines and services, and we have always acted in the firm knowledge that people and service are our priorities.