Boreal Genomics 



302 – 2386 East Mall

Vancouver, BC

V6T 1Z3


Phone: 604.822-8268

Fax: 604-822-2938  

Member Sector: Contract Research & Scientific Services

Boreal Genomics is a rapidly expanding cancer diagnostic testing company focused on circulating tumor DNA analysis from a simple blood draw. Boreal develops and commercializes assays for pharmaceutical research, clinical research and routine clinical testing for cancer diagnostic, surveillance, and screening applications. The assay platform has been optimized for the detection of circulating somatic mutations in plasma where cancer sequences are typically overwhelmed by normal background. Using a novel, patented and highly selective target enrichment and sequencing method, this technology enriches cancer DNA over normal DNA a by 1,000,000-fold to allow highly multiplexed, efficient, quantitative, and sensitive mutation detection. Boreal holds an exclusive license to a broad patent portfolio from the University of British Columbia on the company’s platform technology. The company operates with corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley, CA and an R&D site in Vancouver, Canada.