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Member Sector: Biopharmaceuticals

What if there is a class of anti-infectives that are not antibiotics and are at least as safe and effective as current protocols?

Bovicor Pharmatech Inc. is developing a non-antibiotic anti-infective for Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD), the most costly disease in cattle production, responsible for approximately $1 billion in economic loss in North America alone.

In November 2012, BOVINEX (nitric oxide releasing solution) treated animals received Health Canada/Veterinary Drug Directorate authorization for a seven day pre-slaughter withdrawal period, compared to 14+ days for incumbent products. In 2010/11, during studies held at Agriculture Canada research facilities, BOVINEX was found to reduce the incidence of BRD by up to 75 percent versus saline control, showing similar results to antibiotics.

Commencing Phase III studies in Q1 2014, Bovicor Pharmatech is working to provide the pharmaceutical industry, veterinarians, food producers, consumers and regulatory agencies with non-antibiotic anti-infective solutions. A non-antibiotic that is as safe and effective as antibiotics should allow for more judicious use of antibiotics, thus enhancing food safety and reducing antimicrobial resistance on a global scale.