Fusion Genomics Corp.

Website: www.fusiongenomics.com


1450 Discovery 1, 8888 University Drive

Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6

Phone: (604) 428-7701

Email: info@fusiongenomics.com

Member Sector: Genomics/Clinical Genetic Testing

Fusion Genomics aims to take “undiagnosed infection” out of medical vocabulary through advanced genomic technologies. In the US alone, approximately 8 million patients with undiagnosed (idiopathic) infections are admitted to hospitals every year. The failure of current molecular methods to diagnose these infections leads to ineffective treatment, increased disease burden, mortality, hospitalizations,
and antibiotic resistance. This problem results in direct hospitalization costs of more than $27 billion in
total, with an additional $24 billion lost due to antibiotic resistance.

DNA sequencing-based tests can solve the problem, but they are not ready for mass deployment as they are complex, expensive and take a long time to give results. This is where Fusion Genomics comes in using innovative technologies in test chemistry, pathogen capture and automation. What Fusion has developed and is validating, is a 6-8 hour test which will cost no more than today’s multi-panel PCR tests which are much inferior for several reasons.