Herstasis Health Inc

Website: www.herstasis.com


SE Corporate Services, Suite 1700 Park Place,

666 Burrard St, Vancouver BC, V6C 2X8

Email: info@herstasis.com

Member Sector: Medical Devices

Herstasis Health Inc is a Vancouver-based medical device and data science company. We are working to give the one billion women aged 35-55 currently undergoing the menopause transition more understanding and control of their changing sexual and reproductive health.

The Hormonitor™ point-of-care urinalysis platform, along with our first product, the PeriMenoChip™, will enable high-frequency, low-cost measurement and tracking of pulsatile and cyclical biochemicals such as hormones found in women’s urine. We call it “pee-on-a-chip” technology.

Through Herstasis DB™, our goal is to provide women and their clinicians with a better understanding of the correlations between individual hormone ratios over time, personal menopausal symptoms, and qualitative information such as demographic, lifestyle and stress evaluations.

Herstasis AI™ we will enable global translational research in women’s health, along with physician decision support, and ultimately personalized medicine for menopausal women experiencing traumatic and untreated changes in their physical and mental health.