Innovative Targeting Solutions Inc.




290-2985 Virtual Way

Vancouver, BC V5M 4X7 Canada

Phone: (604) 433-6779

Member Sector: Biopharmaceuticals

Innovative Targeting Solutions Inc. (ITS) is engaged in the discovery of antibody therapeutics using a novel, proprietary, fully human monoclonal antibody (mAb) technology. ITS’ technology is unlike any existing approach to making fully human mAbs. It was founded by Dr. Michael Gallo who was part of the core team responsible for the creation of XenoMouse ®. He was also the former Vice President of Research at Abgenix Inc. and Executive Director of Research/Site Head at Amgen’s subsidiary in British Columbia, Canada that focused on fully human mAb discovery using the XenoMouse ® platform. ITS’ platform, because it exploits the human V(D)J recombination system, is capable of “de novo” antibody generation; and, for the first time, allows for mammalian display repertoires of >10^9 to be exploited effectively. This represents a significant advance in display technologies and offers advantages over existing protein engineering approaches; unlike phage or yeast display, reformatting is not required, engineering can take place within the final scaffold, reporter assays and selection strategies can be engineered into the host cell allowing for upfront functional screens.