Katsan Medical Devices

Website: www.katsanas.com


4938 Lochside Drive

Victoria, BC V8Y 2E4

Phone: (778) 676-2223

Member Sector: Medical Devices

Katsan Medical Devices is a manufacturing company headquartered in Izmir, Turkey. The company was founded in 1976, as a catgut producer; manufacturing high-quality products using innovative technologies.

We have a broad range of products that are used in both human, dental and veterinary practices. The portfolio includes

  • Surgical Sutures
  • Laparoscopic Surgery (Trocars)
  • Sports Medicine
  • Hemostat
  • Mesh

Katsan Medical Devices also has a strong engineering team to design new medical supplies specific to the clients’ needs. These products have the option to be manufactured under Katsan brand or with clients’ Private Label as well.

The company has been exporting its high-quality medical products to over 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and Oceania. Katsan has decided to expand operations through the launch of Katsan Medical Devices – Canada to increase its presence in the North America and South America markets. 

***Additionally, due to the ongoing situation of the Covid-19 epidemic; in cooperation with one of the best medical supplies manufacturers in South Korea, we started supplying the below mentioned products;

  • Corona Diagnostic Kit
  • Isolation gown
  • Mask (FFP2 type)
  • Face shield