Libang Capital (Canada) Ltd.



4211 No. 3 Rd

Richmond, BC, V6X 2C3

Phone: (604) 306 0346


Member Sector: Investor/Funding Agency

Libang Capital (Canada) Ltd  ( is the Canadian medical investment subsidiary of the Xian Libang Pharmaceutical Group. Conceptually, we are a family office, charged with finding opportunities in North America. Our decision-making power and capital reside in Hong Kong and China. Our strategy is to invest to acquire capabilities which align with our corporate operations.

Our current investment interests include North American innovative technologies in: novel drugs, specifically anesthetics and painkillers; non-invasive diagnostic devices; surgical capabilities, including robotics; and patient-focused health services management platforms, i.e. comprehensive records management.

Our sweet spot is for companies in the advanced process of commercialization with a strategic interest in China.