Phyton Biotech


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1503 Cliveden Avenue

Delta, BC V3M 6P7 Canada

Phone:  (604) 777-2340


Member Sector: Biopharmaceuticals

Phyton Biotech is the largest global supplier of Plant Cell Fermentation -PCF®- derived Paclitaxel & Docetaxel API.  Phyton Biotech has transformed plant cell culture development into a truly scalable, reproducible “green” (PCF®) Technology for the development and commercialization of high-value phytochemicals.  PCF® offers a time, risk and cost-balanced pathway to commercially viable production processes, overcoming limitations often experienced with traditional plant extraction and chemical synthesis.

With certified GMP facilities in Germany and Canada, Phyton Biotech has a successful track record of developing and implementing innovative custom development solutions for clients around the world.

Phyton Biotech offers comprehensive product/process development, and commercial manufacturing services for high-value phytochemicals using our award-winning and environmentally responsible PCF® platform.  Our team of experts in Germany and Canada are uniquely qualified to carry out a full development program for plant-based molecules, extracts and recombinant products for use in a range of industries.


With the world‘s largest cGMP PCF® facility, and over 25 years of highly specialized experience in the development of customized process solutions and commercial production, Phyton Biotech is proud to collaborate with partners and clients in the Pharmaceutical, Herbal Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cosmetic, and Food Ingredient industries.