Precision NanoSystems, Inc.



#50-655 W. Kent Avenue North

Vancouver, BC V6P 6T7 Canada

Phone:  +1 (888) 618-0031

Member Sector: Scientific Supplies

Precision NanoSystems Inc. (PNI) is a revenue stage biotechnology company based in Vancouver, Canada. PNI’s proprietary equipment (NanoAssemblr™) and companion Reagent Kits (SUB9KITS™) enable the simple manufacture of novel nanoparticles that are used in medicine (nanomedicine). Nanomedicines are the “FedEx” of the health-care industry and are used for cell-specific delivery of research tools, diagnostic imaging agents and drugs to study, diagnose and treat disease. PNI’s products solve high-value problems in the discovery, development and manufacture of personalized medicines. PNI’s SUB9KITS™ bring clinical-based nanomedicine technologies to scientists to allow them to more rapidly discover the genetic basis of disease. PNI’s NanoAssemblr™ Platform allows drug developers to develop and manufacture nanomedicines for the treatment of disease faster and easier.