Prime Site Research Solutions Inc.



2723 Yale Street

Vancouver, BC V5K 1C4

Phone:  (780) 266-7337


Member Sector: Contract Research & Scientific Services

Primesite Research Solutions is an Integrative Site Network and a Clinical Trials Consultancy group based out of Western Canada. We are a team of research professionals offering services in financial oversight, study budget negotiation, human resources management and site operations. We love what we do and have dedicated our careers to research. Primesite works in person and remotely to offer integrative research services specific to the needs of the client. Primesite’s mission is to facilitate quality research. We strive to forge integrative, supportive, professional relationships that enable researchers to do what they do best so that they can focus on their research and patient care — without worrying about the cost of doing it and the logistical commitments. We work together with investigators to develop fully customizable solutions focused on their individual needs and we optimize all available tools to ensure client success.