Qu Biologics Inc.

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Member Sector: Biopharmaceuticals

Qu Biologics is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in the way we treat cancer and other immune-related disease. Rather than blocking or stimulating a single specific receptor or pathway, the company’s Site Specific Immunomodulators (SSIs), a novel class of immunotherapies, aim to restore the body’s normal immune response. SSIs, which are derived from components of inactivated common bacteria, are designed to activate the body’s innate immune response and restore normal immune function in a targeted organ or tissue to reverse the chronic inflammation underlying many chronic diseases including cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and other immune-related conditions. Qu has completed three Phase 2 studies in Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and lung cancer with compelling results, and has fully enrolled the first stage of a follow-on Phase 2 clinical trial in Crohn’s disease with full results expected in Q1 2021. Enrolment in a Phase 2 study to assess the impact of SSI treatment on immune activation in the tumor microenvironment in colon cancer at the Sheba Medical Centre (Israel) is expected to begin Q3 2020, with full results in Q2 2021. For more information, visit www.qubiologics.com and www.qucrohnstrial.com.