Response Biomedical Corp.




1781-75th Avenue

West Vancouver BC V6P 6P2 Canada

Phone: (604)456-6010

Toll-Free: 1(888)591-5577

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Member Sector: Medical Devices

Response develops, manufactures and markets rapid on-site diagnostic tests for use with its RAMP ® platform for clinical, biodefense and environmental applications. RAMP ® represents a unique paradigm in diagnostics that provides reliable, quality results in minutes. The RAMP ® platform consists of a reader and single-use disposable test cartridges and has the potential to be adapted to any other medical and non-medical immunoassay based test currently performed in laboratories. Response clinical tests are commercially available for the aid in early detection of heart attack, congestive heart failure, influenza A and B and RSV. In the non-clinical market, RAMP ® tests are currently available for the environmental detection of West Nile Virus antigen and for Biodefense applications including the rapid on-site detection of anthrax, smallpox, ricin and botulinum toxin. Response is a publicly traded company listed on the TSX under the trading symbol “RBM” and quoted on the OTCQB under the symbol “RPBIF”.