SFU Faculty of Science

Website: www.sfu.ca/science.html


8888 University Drive, TASC II – 9900

Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6

Phone: (778) 782-4590

Email: scirec@sfu.ca

Member Sector: Academic & Research Institutions

SFU’s Faculty of Science consists of eight departments that introduce students to the wonders of the natural world; from infinitesimally small subatomic particles to the vast, uncharted universe. We are home to a lively and diverse community of approximately 4,400 undergraduate students who are encouraged to enrich their coursework with research opportunities at SFU. Our 500 graduate students are intensively involved in research projects earning MSc and PhD degrees. Life Science research at SFU spans a wide range of technical approaches addressing questions in basic biomedical research, immunology, cancer, neuroscience, and rare diseases. Through this process, faculty and graduate students have forged research partnerships with Indigenous communities, premier educational and research institutions and business to build on our foundational and applied knowledge of science.