STEMCELL Technologies Inc.




1618 Station Street

Vancouver, BC V6A 1B6 

Phone: (604) 877-0713

Toll-Free: +1 (800) 667-0322

Fax: (604) 877-0704

Member Sector: Scientific Supplies 

STEMCELL Technologies is Canada’s largest biotechnology company. Founded in 1993, STEMCELL has grown to employ almost 1500 individuals globally, with 1000 employees located in Canada and the rest operating out of 11 international offices and distribution centers in six countries. Rooted in scientific expertise and rigor, STEMCELL provides high-quality cell culture media, cell separation technologies, instruments, accessory products, and educational resources to scientists around the world working in stem cell, immunology, cancer, regenerative medicine, and cellular therapy research. At STEMCELL, we are dedicated to improving lives through advanced knowledge and scientific discovery, through our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in STEM and the life sciences industry, and through our investments in sustainability, community, and social responsibility. We are a company of Scientists Helping Scientists, and we care deeply about making the world a better place.