WestPAR Consultancy Inc.

Website: http://westpar.ca/ 


600-1285 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC V6H 3X8 

Phone: (604) 319-9449 

Member Sector: Business Consultants 

“WestPAR, Western Policy, Advocacy & Reimbursement.

CDR Submissions, pCPA Negotiations, Public & Private Payers.

WestPAR was created to help bridge the critical gap in how start-up, small and medium-sized Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Companies engage with Private and Public Payers with respect to reimbursement. WestPAR is adept at building reimbursement strategies including CDR submissions, pCPA negotiations, private payer submissions and both provincial and private payer engagement. Our national capabilities are broadened through our strategic partners based in Ontario and Quebec.

Western focus & national capabilities”