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Address: 320-5950 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3


Phone #: 604 827 4185

Sector: Digital Health

About GenXys: 

GenXys provides the world’s most comprehensive precision prescribing software to solve a $130 billion global problem. Our expert team is leading the way in precision prescribing with a cutting-edge technology that has dramatically changed the lives of our customers. We help employers, healthcare organizations (ACOs) and health insurance providers (HMOs) lower their health costs by giving them access to precision prescribing; an innovative health solution to illness, disability, and high drug cost. We work diligently with employees, beneficiaries and their healthcare providers to help them find the right medication right from the start using personalized medication options. Our vision is that every prescription, globally, will be powered by our software. There is a burgeoning global need for a solution: 97% of the human population has a genetic variant that affects drug response, adverse drug reactions are a top 10 cause of death in every western country, coupled with the ineffectiveness of roughly 50% of prescriptions. Our software enables quick, effective, and accurate prescriptions, meaning people will get precise medications and real-time medication management resulting in the end of the social toll of preventable death, horrible life changing drug events, as well as physical and mental confidence degradation. Powering every prescription with our software, globally, improves medication safety, increases drug efficacy and reduces healthcare costs.