Molecular You



Suite 405 TEF3 Building

6190 Agronomy Rd

Vancouver, BC

V6T 1Z3 


Member Sector: Genomics/ Clinical Genetic Testing

Molecular You™ Corporation is a digital health company that utilizes molecular level profiling of individuals to provide personalized healthcare solutions in an intuitive and actionable format. Molecular You’s evidence-driven solutions are built into its Health Intelligence Platform, which utilizes extensive literature databases and bioinformatics algorithms to enable the delivery of personalized healthcare. This health assessment and action system starts with collection of blood and fecal samples, which are analyzed using advanced profiling technology to construct “omic” (genomic, proteomic, metabolomic, microbiomic, and exposomic) profiles that, together, form a digitized molecular-level data cloud that precisely characterize the individual it belongs to.  Molecular You’s proprietary bio-informatics technology is then used to compare an individual’s “omic” data to the world’s scientific and clinical literature to identify disease risks, health trends, and to inform a personalized action plan for achieving optimal health.  The company’s management team consists of professionals with world-leading expertise in life sciences, “omic” profiling, computational biology, interface design, and medical practice.