ACCT Canada


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Member Sector: Associations

ACCT Canada is Canada’s pre-eminent organization in all matters related to the interface of academic research-industry engagement and research discovery mobilization. ACCT Canada provides a unique nation-wide platform for all proponents in the Canadian innovation ecosystem to collaborate at the institution-industry interface to ensure that Canada is a significant player on the international innovation stage.

Founded in 2005, ACCT Canada’s membership comprises more than 110 academic-based research organizations including universities, hospitals, colleges and polytechnics, including over 400 knowledge and technology transfer/industry engagement practitioners. ACCT Canada also enjoys formal relationships with the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) in the United States, PraxisUnico in Europe and Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA) in Australia as well as developing relationships with Canadian industry associations, the Federal Partners in Technology Transfer (FPTT) and Federal and Provincial government departments and agencies. In 2010, ACCT Canada’s membership platform is expanding to include the full spectrum of academic, non-profit, private sector individuals, including students, interested in innovation.

One of ACCT Canada’s highest priorities is to strengthen Canada’s innovation ecosystem by facilitating active collaboration among its network of technology transfer and industry engagement practitioners, together with partner organizations, for the purpose of better mobilizing, transferring, translating and diffusing newly discovered knowledge and inventions resulting from both academic and private sector Research and Development (R&D) investments.

ACCT Canada leads the way in developing best practices and common tools that enhance and standardize the practice of commercialization of research for the benefit of Canada. ACCT Canada in doing so has created, and continues to develop, common tools and excellent training programs that address the many complexities at the interface of academic research and business/industry.