Genome Me


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V6V 2J6

Member Sector: Clinical Genetic Testing

GenomeMe Inc. is a Vancouver based start-up company with a vision to revolutionize the field of personalized medicine with the latest genetic sequencing technology and clinical diagnostic tests. Our health management approach aims to help individuals gain insights into their own genetic information and transform the knowledge into living a healthier life. The company’s inspiration, Health = Genetics + Lifestyle, is a tested belief that every individual should have the rights to be in control of their personal health. By simplifying the complex nature of DNA inheritance and bring forth scientific advances into routine health care, GenomeMe Inc. is committed to go beyond testing results to help physicians develop personalized treatments for each individual’s needs (i.e. Precision Medicine).

With success from our proprietary enzyme and gene detection technology, GenomeMe Inc. has recently signed a collaborative agreement with the Ministry of Health, No. 6 Hospital of Zhengzhou City in China to develop genetic diagnostic tests for over 20 hospitals under the ministry. The company has over 8,000 sqf of ISO13485 and USCAP certified facility in which genetic testing service can be provided to both the general public and hospitals alike.