Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.



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Member Sector: International Pharmaceutical Corporations

Hoffmann-La Roche Limited, also known as Roche, is a company that has built its success on innovation. From our approach to clinical trials for new drug therapies, to industry partnerships and community involvement, Roche is a leader in providing pharmaceutical and diagnostic solutions that make a profound difference in people’s lives. Our innovative approach improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare system in the diagnosis, treatment and management of acute and long-term disease. Celebrating more than 70 years of business in Canada, Roche employs over 500 people across the country. Roche operations in Canada are centered in Toronto (pharmaceuticals) and Montreal (diagnostics). We serve a broad base of healthcare facilities and practitioners across the country, working in partnership with them to ensure that the diagnostics and therapies we deliver meet the medical needs of today and of the future. We Innovate Healthcare.