iCo Therapeutics Inc.



Suite 760 – 777 Hornby Street

Vancouver BC

V6Z 1S4


Phone:604 602-9414
Fax: 604-602-9699
Email: meekison@icotherapeutics.com

Member Sector: Biopharmaceuticals

iCo Therapeutics Inc. is a Vancouver-based reprofiling company focused on redosing or reformulating drugs with clinical history for new or expanded indications. iCo has exclusive worldwide rights to three products, iCo-007, in Phase II for the treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema, iCo-008, a product with Phase II clinical history to be developed for severe ocular allergies, and our Oral AmpB platform, an oral reformulation of Amphotericin B for sight and life threatening diseases. The Oral AmpB platform also represents a new drug delivery technology with the potential to reprofile other IV administered drugs to the oral route of administration. iCo Therapeutics trades on the TSX-Venture exchange under the symbol ICOTF.

01.27.2014 – iCo Therapeutics Inc. Completes C$6.75 Million Equity Financing