NSERC Pacific

Website: www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca



Suite 407-1138 Melville Street

Vancouver, BC V6E 4S3 

Phone:  +1 (877) 767-1767

Fax:  (604) 666-8828

Member Sector: Government

NSERC is the national instrument for making strategic investments in Canada’s capability in science and technology. NSERC supports both basic university research through discovery grants and project research through partnerships among universities, governments and the private sector, as well as the advanced training of highly qualified people. NSERC is a separate employer of the Government of Canada, reporting to Parliament through the Minister of Industry. It is governed by a President and a Council of 21 distinguished members selected from the private and public sectors, and universities. NSERC Pacific has an interest in learning and becoming involved in the S & T, including biotechnology, happenings in BC.