PI Pharma Inventor Inc.



3800 Wesbrook Mall, Suite # 215 (University of British Columbia Campus)
British Columbia
V6S 2L9


Email: quote@pharmainventor.com

Member Sector: Contract Research & Scientific Services

PHARMA Inventor Inc., is a Canadian custom synthesis services company based in the city of Vancouver (B.C.) on the University of British Columbia Campus. The company is founded by two experienced industrial chemists with the core idea of providing inventive and cost-effective custom synthesis services to Life Sciences industries.

Our comprehensive range of synthetic chemistry services include…

Custom Synthesis:

Prodrugs, Intermediates, Bio-conjugates, Building blocks…

Synthesis of Standards:

Assay standards, High potency APIs, Metabolites, Impurities…

Medicinal Chemistry:

Re-synthesis of hits, Hit-to-Lead & Lead optimization chemistry

Organic Process Research & Development:

Synthetic methodologies, Route scouting, API properties optimizations

PHARMA Inventor Inc., offers the highest standards of team work, confidentiality, and reliability. Our highest priority is to deliver high quality chemical products and research services to our clients in a timely manner.